Using local SEO services to help boost your business

Running a local business is a real hard work and keeping up with the vast competition is another big hurdle. A stream of new customers is as important as a steady flow of existing loyal ones. So, in order to keep this flow of customers one needs to constantly update. We understand that keeping your website and your SEO up to date can be hard work, too. Fortunately, you have us. All we need you to do is focus on your efforts, take out some time, and follow the below listed steps. This will help you build an impressive SEO strategy, which will make you outshine all your competitors, and also help you find the perfect customers for your business.

  1. Use Local listing sites

    • You can use these local listing sites such as, yellow pages, yahoo, Google, bling etc. to make your business known to the world. These sites target local targeted terms in order to optimize local search results. Your first step will be to choose the right keywords which will help the customers find you on these sites and also improve the ranking of your local business. Enhanced online visibility, as they call it, helps you find more local customers. This helps in promotion of your brand and this further helps you attract more new customers. If you’re looking at getting your business on local listings and you have no idea where to start take a look at PlayOn Media a Hamilton SEO Company. They frequently post on their facebook page regarding local listings to help improve search results.

  1. Optimize your website and content

    • One of the most valuable things you need to do for your business is to create a high quality content for your website. Nowadays, content is very important for both visitors as well as search engines. Scribe Content Optimization tool can ensure that your optimization efforts are successful, and you are rewarded with faster results.

Your title, make sure is customized and very Meta, because this will be visible when your content is shared on social sites. Hence, you have to make sure it’s enticing and significant for real readers. Also, make sure to include your city and your state in the content so that, both your visitors and search engines know where you are. The second most important thing after your home page is your contact page. Make sure you include the location and address of your business, your primary phone number, an embedded geo sitemap so that search engines can access it easily.

How does a local SEO company help you?

How does a local SEO company help you?

  1. Make sure your business is on Google Local

Google places and local google+ is a boon for all the local businesses. Google Places for Business has been developed in order to control the information that is displayed in Google Search as well as Google Maps. This will make sure that potential customers can find you and they have the right information about your business.

Whereas, the Local Google+ pages makes sure you can communicate with customers and helps you get more exposure. These pages add social interaction to your website. It helps in creating a way of communication between you and your customers through reviews and post updates.

  1. Promote Your Business through social media

Next step is to build a business profile on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and create posts in these websites which help attract the customers. Spread your posts through “shares” and “likes”. Since, all search engines, especially google, shows search results from social media sites, these profiles will also help direct more traffic to your site. You can also promote your business by creating videos and images of your business and share them through YouTube and Pinterest.

You can also explore social media marketing. It involves the utilization of marketing potential of social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., by paid advertising, business pages, contests etc. To get the best results, focus on marketing in one particular social media site for promotion of your business online.
Lastly, make sure to analyze your results and track your growth. You can monitor the target keywords you selected with the help of the tool AWR Cloud. You can just add your keywords, and choose how often you want your updates: daily, or weekly. You can also use the tool Moz Analytics to monitor your ranking. Google Analytics can help you analyze the organic traffic to your website and you can monitor to see if it’s improving. If you follow all these above mentioned steps and do it right, then you would start seeing increase in traffic to your website within weeks. Each of the steps have been carefully examined and proven effective in promoting local businesses.